How is that even possible?

When we hear about plastic surgery, we would always categorize it in a negative anecdote. But on recent clip of Botched—an American TV show that features people who seek advice from a panel of plastic surgeons—shows that plastic surgery is not really as image-deteriorating as we imagined!

▲ Botched follows doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif as they “remedy extreme plastic surgeries gone wrong.”

On the clip that has acquired almost 2 million views in just three days on YouTube, a woman is set to talk about a past unfortunate plastic surgery she had undergone which left her growing literal pubic hairs on her face.

The woman—Crystal Coombs—was taken into spotlight when she revealed that the surgery was done as an emergency measure due to a dog biting a chunk of tissue out of her cheeks when she was just nine years old. A surgeon at that time remedied that issue by taking a skin graft to repair the wound but unfortunately he took that graft from her tender area.

▲ The part that has become an issue was at the right side of Coombs’ cheeks,

She later revealed that the issue was never a concern for her, but having a daughter whom about to have her first day of school, she concerned of the daughter’s future. Coombs doesn’t want the children at her daughter’s school to tease the poor child for her mother’s appearance.

Her story is really moving because she really shows the motherly side of her. You can watch the entire interview here.