The future is here!

At this day and age where cars are supposed to be flying across the clouds (apparently, we’re not there yet), a normal ordinary atypical mirror is so last year. With everything now going digital—literally our watch, earphone, remote control and everything—apparently even mirrors are getting the upgrade they deserve!

Photo by Roberto Delgado Webb on Unsplash

Typically, a mirror is just a plain flat surface that’s made of glass, used to reflect images in front of it but according to this tweet that got bombed up on Twitter, a tiktok video was made to show how mind-blowing this smart mirror is!

Just take a look at this tweet—it got 17k retweets and 18k likes in just only two days!

Going through the thread, it was believed that the smart mirror that is Alexa-connected, can be bought online at a price point of nearly 1.5k! With so many features like mock-up make up, skin analysis, and even YouTube, smart mirrors will definitely be a game changer in the near future!

One user of the social media platform had also pointed out the similarity this mirror has with a movie that is created to be taken in place in the future—What Happened To Monday.

Maybe after this, people won’t watch TV anymore. Maybe in 2030, people will be watching mirrors!