What is retinol? And why you need it?

It seems like the skincare aisle is constantly on the change for new active ingredients. This month’s ‘super ingredient’ could be not so super in the next months as there would always be new ingredients claimed to be more powerful than others.

Previously skincare is all about centella asiatica but now there’s this new active ingredient that has been the hype of many—retinol.

Why retinol?

Called as dermatologist’s gift to humanity, retinols aren’t the same as any other exfoliators. Typical exfoliator only work on surface level, this vitamin A powerhouse works to invigorate your skin on a cellular level to accelerate damaged skin cells’ turnover rate.

Retinol with regular use aids in producing a glowing complexion, pigment production and smaller pores owing to its antioxidant properties, as well as increasing collagen production for wrinkle-free skin.

“Retinols are one of the most tried-and-true products used for facial skin rejuvenation, with their biggest benefit being the production of collagen that reduces dreaded wrinkle”

— Dr. William P. Adams Jr, Plastic Surgeon.

Scientifically proven in many studies, it’s one of the most effective skincare products in the history of skin rejuvenation.