The whole world is watching yet no one is capable of doing anything

The blazing bushfires that hit the country since July 2019 has become a lot worse than we know. There are tragic reports and news everyday on social media. 

Millions of animals lives are at stake, thousands of human lives have died. People have been sharing devastating and heartbreaking photos that show the bodies of dead animals lying on the ground. 

The bushfires has affected millions of Koala lives, Koalas are incapable of moving fast.

A large number of Koalas have affected as the marsupials animals are incapable of moving fast enough, the animals were trapped in blazing fires. According to ecologists about 8,000 of the marsupials  are believed to have died since the fires started.  

But Koalas aren’t the only species affected, thousands of floras also reportedly got affected due to the massive fires.

What Has Caused Australia Bushfires

Sources said that the reason behind this blazing fires are due to the climate change and extreme heat. The heat  produced the types of intensity and early season burning that we do not normally see in Australia. 

How many lives affected so far

Based on the recent statement released by CBS news , there are approximately 480 million mammals, birds and reptiles have died since the fires started in September, the actual number is said to be increasing everyday. Homes have been destroyed and around 12.35 million acres of land have been burned, causing 24 people to die. 

The least we can do is to pray for the safety of these Animals and donate to fight the climate change now. Let’s start today and make a difference!

Photo Credit: Twitter.