Who wouldn’t fall in love with Tul Pakorn?

In a press conference for a local Chinese New Year movie “A Moment of Happiness” held on the 20th of January 2020, main actress Min Chen admitted to have fallen in love with Tul Pakorn—a fellow Thai cast mate—after shooting affectionate scene together.

新年泰疯狂 A Moment of Happiness 喜剧 林明祯 吴旭东 邵音音

Playing Zhen Zhen who is described to be a “princess” in the world of social media, Min Chen revealed that during the shooting, she was fully absorbed into her character that she felt like she is really in love with Tul Pakorn, who plays Nat—Zhen Zhen’s love at first sight.

Besides interaction on set, Min Chen and Pakorn are also close to each other as they regularly have off-set meals together. On a particular scene where the two has to show a lovey-dovey scene in a swimming pool, Min Chen was surprised as her heart beats fast and her face turned pink.

“I really feel I am in Love at the moment, the expression and reaction came out naturally, when we re-watch the shot, it’s really sweet.”

— Min Chen.

“A Moment of Happiness” will aired on the first day of the Chinese New Year, which is January 25th!

Have a look at the trailer and see how funny and lively then movie is!