The queen we deserve!

One of the most anticipated “Album Of The Year” winner, Lana del Rey did not win the trophy but won the hearts of the people when she revealed that her dress for the Grammys is a last minute resort she saw at the mall.

Unlike other celebrities who are donned in custom creation or off-the-runway looks, the relatable queen opted to a beaded fringe she bought from he local mall.

The singer revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she actually already had a difference dress to line up but her love at first sight silver gown at the mall—which she saw while shopping for a belt for her boyfriend—became her choice.

While we are sorry for the former dress, we literally could not believe how stunning Rey looked as she walked on the red carpet.

“I tailored it right there, so yo know, a little mix and match… we’re making it all work.”

The dress she wore on the night of the Grammys is actually from a New York-based designer—Aidan Mattox—and it’s actually available online! So literally is you buy the dress, you literally wear the same dress as the queen!

This moment is so iconic, people are tweeting this on Twitter!