It’s official, EXO’s power vocal is tying the knot!

This news comes in very unexpected! Literally! EXO only had their comeback with seventh studio album “Obsession” on November 2019 and now out of the blue SM Entertainment released an official statement regarding Chen’s marriage!

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From the statement released by one of South Korea’s “Big 3” K-Pop agencies—SM Entertainment—Chen was revealed to have met the love of his life, whom is a non-celebrity, and will be having their marriage in private with only family members in attendance.

However, it is also added that Chen will continue his career as an artist and asked fans to show support and blessings to him.

image taken from: kprofiles

If you think that the news of Chen getting married is shocking enough, well that’s unfortunate because a source from the same entertainment agency confirmed that the bride-to-be is indeed pregnant.

image taken from: kompas

Chen had also shared a handwritten letter announcing the news. Read the full letter here.

Whatever it is, we believe that all EXO-Ls must be very happy with the news and if they are loyal fans, they’ll indeed support their favourite idol for such beautiful future he’s heading.

Congratulations Chen!