Who else is excited for an action-packed Ejen Ali The Movie in this coming November?!

After gaining popularity through its animation TV series, for the first time ever, Ejen Ali The Movie is set to be released on 28 November 2019 in three different countries, including,  Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. 

Ejen Ali “fever” is more than just a phenomenal. Since its first TV debut in 2016, the animated TV series has reached over hundreds and millions viewers, across 50 million countries, including on regional networks Disney Asia, Nickelodeon India, MNCTV in Indonesia and AlMajeed TV in the Middle East and North Africa.

Today, the viewers on Youtube has reached the staggering numbers of 1.4 million. With such astounding success, it was no surprised that the movie took almost 2 years to complete and cost around 6.5 million. 

“The hardest thing to do were to choose the materials that we need to put in the movie, the demographic and to just fit everything within the 90 minutes duration”

-Wau Animation’s Chief Executive Officer Usamah Zaid Yasin-

Slightly different than its TV series, Ejen ALI The Movie promised audience with an action packed, adventurous, sci-fic element that will glue your eyes to the screen. It follows a story of  12-year-old Ejen Ali who feel left out when he found out  that he was no longer the only master of the Infinity Retinal Intelligence System (IRIS) gadget, since MATA has now upgraded to IRIS Neo. The new invention leads Ali to question his place and risk everything in his life, including a mystery that linked to his “personal” life. 

Ejen Ali The Movie is produced by Primeworks Studio, in collaboration with WAU Animation. The movie, powered by Tenaga National Berhad  is set to release on 28 November 2019.

Don’t forget to check out the trailer HERE.