Domestic violence or marketing strategy?

Once again, the scandalous founder of a local beauty brand—Nur Sajat—received the eyes of the public when she shared her heartbreak on her personal Instagram account through her Instastories. Reading through her postings, it was as if Nur Sajat was giving the allegations that her partner, known as Coach Yin was giving her a hard time in their relationships.

▲ Nur Sajat expressed that the said offender had not changed. Despite the promise of being better, the offender allegedly still remain aggressive.

It was further fortified when Sajat herself posted a series of pictures showing bruises on her body, implying as if she became a victim of domestic violence from her partner—which at this moment had been deleted.

In the same while, Coach Yin too had uploaded few justifications regarding the scandal in his social media.

▲ Coach Yin however defended that a person would never hit someone without reason. And he also claimed that the other person had a very filthy mouth.

However, even though there are people out there who know concerns, a bigger portion of the netizens can’t help but conspire that the two was just drawing a marketing strategy for a rumoured “new” cosmetic product!

Up until now, there isn’t yet any updates regarding the news whether the allegations are true or not. However, if it is true, police report must be done because domestic violence is not something to joke with.