All for one and one for all

Malaysia is extending its hand to Australia to fight the bushfires that have killed a total of 24 people and destroyed over 2,000 homes.

According to reports, Malaysia will send a team of  rescue operations including National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) and Special Malaysia Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (SMART) to Australia. 

Meanwhile, Australian High Commissioner, Andrew Goledzinowski took to Twitter to express his gratitude towards Malaysia genuine generosity and sincerity, describing that Malaysians have big hearts,

The unprecedented wildfires in Australia have resulted in the loss of precious lives, slaughter of wildlife and destruction of property. Based on statement released by CBS, Australia bushfires have killed almost 8000 koalas and destroyed over 12.53 million hectares with almost 500 million animals reportedly died. 

Malaysia is doing its best to help Australia and prayers  have been made to those who have affected in the bushfires. If you would like to extend your generosity, the best way is to donate money to The Australian Red Cross fire recovery and relief fund or you can directly donate to the NSW RSF, the Country Fire Service Foundation in South Australia and the Country Fire Authority in Victoria. 

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Credit Photo: Twitter