It is with our deepest sadness and grief that we have to deliver this news..

It seems like the situation in Australia is getting even more unpredictable everyday. The bushfires in Australia is nowhere to end and again Australia is hit with the terrible drought conditions. 

On January 8, the South of Australia started a five day cull, the operation was carried out by professional shooters to shot dead 10,000 camels. 

According to Yahoo news, the camels in Australia have been creating havoc, causing disturbance around the local community in search of water.

There are currently around 1.2 million camels in Australia, the animals were originated from India and Afghanistan, they were brought in the 19th century as a part of transport and construction used.

Due to the extreme high temperatures, most of the area in New South Wales were affected.  The camels aren’t the only animals that were affected, millions of koalas have died in Australia due to the bushfires that started in September 2019.

Recently, photos of dead bodies of animals lying on the ground went viral on social media, showing that the animals suffered from the tragedy. 

We would like to send our prayers and thoughts to those who got affected. 

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