Looks like people weren’t angry at all.

Following EXO’s Chen marriage announcement that had shocked the whole world by buzz, EXO-Ls can’t help but feel emotional for the news; some feel good while some don’t. And apparently, some unhappy fans took the news personally and had broken their hearts.

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On January 2019, a protest demanding the member of the South Korea’s famous boy group to departure from the group had broken up in the Internet! With such aggressive move, other fans were concerned that such action might tarnish EXO’s image. However, when the day of protest came, not many showed up! 

The protest was held outside SM’s  Coex Artium in Seoul where angry fans had gathered to voice their disappointments wearing masks and dressed in all black. It was believed that initially, the protest should expect over 200 attendees but only 20-30 people were present.

When asked about the protest, some stated that they felt betrayed for spending their time and energy into Chen only to have him announce his marriage and pregnancy without an apology.

Despite the minority number, a large percentage of fans are denouncing the protest and stating Chen should remain in the group.