Halloween celebration has started to become a thing now in Malaysia!

Despite being no kids storming around on the neighbours’ doors asking for “trick or treat”, many amusement parks and entertainment grounds in our country are beginning to come up with their own unique twists into living up this year’s spooky season.

And Resorts World Genting (RWG) is not letting this trend go away in waste!

Unlike any other, RWG is putting up a soul-stirring haunting experience none had ever seen before! Coming back bigger, better and definitely scarier, RWG is opening up its doors to the world’s first-ever “Train To Busan Horror House” experience starting on the 31st of October 2019!

Yes, you heard it right! The blockbuster South Korean thriller movie “Train To Busan” is soon to be brought to life in an irrefutable spine-chilling horror experience in Malaysia.

This is literally every fan of the movie’s dream come true!

Brought to you by RWG and AirAsia as its co-presenter, as well as Vividthree, “Train To Busan” horror experience is set to be the nation’s most compelling chilling spooks, making it Malaysia’s 2019 Halloween crown jewel.

Referred as “the best” by Roger Ong, Assistant Vice President of Entertainment and Events for Resorts World Genting, it was a pressure for them to always push the boundaries and think out of the box on how they can escalate Malaysia’s entertainment experience into another whole uncomparable  level.

“Train To Busan is the perfect inspiration! It is something that people are familiar with and easily recognizable”

Roger Ong, Assistant Vice President of Entertainment and Events for Resorts World Genting.

Haunted houses that are readily available to walk-in in Malaysia as of now are mostly mere inspirations, however “Train To Busan Horror House” is idiosyncratically different as it faithfully brings each detail of the movie to life! Every single detailing, rooms and characters are taken literally from the scenes and plot of the movie!

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What you’ll see in the house will be zombies that were seen roaming in the nightmares of the original film! Just take a look to our exclusive experience into this nerve-racking adventure!

The “Train To Busan Horror House” experience will start accepting scare victims from the 31st of October 2019 until the 1st of Januay 2020

1 November to 1 December 2019 — 12 noon to 10pm, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

2 December to 1 January 2020 — 12 noon to 10pm, on the daily.

The tickets to the Horror House are priced at RM90 (RM80 for Genting Rewards Club members), and a special Halloween combo treat — Horror House single admission inclusive of Skytropolis Preview Pass, is available at RM128.

For further information and promotions, visit www.rwgenting.com or call +603 2718 1118. For AirAsia BIG members, visit airasia.com to grab your tickets.